Imagine All the People

We are an online community of people that believe in John Lennon's dream of a peaceful world without possessions, countries, and religions. We are starting a project to make this dream real. We start with ourselves and share our small ideas and complete small actions daily. We just want to start the process of changing possessions, countries and religions little by little.

If one day (2.222) all possessions, religions and countries are being shared (bottom up) in the end these 3 big powers that nowadays cause so many problems will be eliminated...



We are 130 Imaginers making John Lennon's Imagine come true.





Sharing spiritual experiences thanks to my daughters

I have got 2 beautiful daughters called Monica and Africa. Monica was born with a serious brain damage and Africa is perfectly healthy. But both are teaching me every day important things about life, about releasing fears, about enjoying small moments and thinking very straightforward about how our world peace should work. It's just a matter of watching them and carefully listening to them. Every month I would like to share a micro example of what my daughters teach me and invite people to do the same as I am convinced that we all have our masters and spiritual leaders at home and much closer than we can imagine.